The 4 Best Cities for Clubbing in the World

Posted on: 8 October 2015

The idea of nightlife can vary significantly around the world. Even the smallest of towns will have a nightclub, although you can expect a subdued experience with a playlist that's limited to chart hits. Then there are the cities around the world where hedonism meets style for a nightclubbing experience that you will never forget. These cities are like a fun park for partying and offer the best clubbing holidays in existence.

1. Berlin, Germany

Given Berlin's turbulent and repressed history, it's utterly remarkable just how free and hedonistic the city's nightlife can be. The city does not have much in the way of licensing laws, meaning that many large nightclubs will open on a Friday night and won't close again until Monday morning. You need to have a lot of energy to go out in this city. This open policy means that there can be significant lines outside clubs during the wee hours of the morning. You can avoid this by arriving at around midnight, or by going daytime clubbing on a Sunday.

Insider's Tip: There are a large concentration of bars and clubs around the Ostkreuz train station (located in the district of Friedrichshain). You can also walk for 10 minutes (or catch the train for one stop) to the Warschauer Strasse train station. There are also a lot of bars and clubs on and around Revaler Strasse, just around the corner.

2. Ibiza, Spain (Balearic Islands)

Ibiza clubbing holidays are pure indulgence, and everyone who enjoys a party needs to visit at least once. The variation in your fellow partygoers is fantastic, and there can be 18-year-olds dancing alongside a married couple nearing retirement age. Many people will dance until the sun comes up, take a snooze on the beach, and then go back to the club.

Insider's Tip: There are two main clubbing areas in Ibiza, and these are San Antonio and Ibiza Town. Ibiza Town tends to be a little pricier than San Antonio, but the clubs are better and offer a truly immersive experience. You won't regret (or forget) it.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital is a lot of fun, and yet the party scene is not as obvious as in other cities. You need to head to the meatpacking district (located in Vesterbro, on the edge of the central city). The best clubs in the city are conveniently located within a few steps of each other, and there are often acrobats and fire eaters to entertain the crowds as they wait in line.

Insider's Tip: Hang around Vesterbro on a Saturday morning, since there's an amazing gourmet food market (which sadly doesn't take place during winter). You can recharge your batteries with an amazing Danish treat after your night out.

4. Las Vegas, USA

Sin City is where America comes to play. It offers an unrivalled party scene, with world class clubs operating throughout the night, giving way to pool parties for those who want to keep partying as the sun comes up. Given its popularity with visitors, you might find it difficult to meet someone who actually lives in Las Vegas on a night out.

Insider's Tip: If you don't want to spend the entire night in a taxi or waiting in lines, stick to the southern end of the strip. There are a lot of great places within a short walk of each other.

If you're lucky, you will be able to enjoy the mammoth parties on offer in these remarkable cities. As always, please remember to party safely.


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