Frequently Asked Visa Processing Services Questions

Posted on: 30 June 2015

If you live abroad and you are trying to visit Australia, or you are a citizen trying to bring a loved one into the country, a visa processing services company can help you obtain that visa, and ensure that you avoid some of the errors that could delay your visa, or cause the Immigration Department to decline your visa.

So if you are confused about what type of visa to apply for, here are the answers to some frequently asked visa processing services questions:

What Is A Sponsored Work Visa? -- A sponsored work visa refers to a visa that you can obtain through the sponsorship of a company that seeks to hire you and has made a documented salary offer. The most common type of sponsored work visa is the 457 Visa, which is a temporary work visa that is valid for as many as four years.

Visa processing companies can help you prepare this visa application, which requires you to speak English, have no criminal background and possess health insurance. In addition, the sponsoring company must first be approved as a business sponsor, then nominate your name for the visa.

What is an ETA Tourist Visa? --  If you want to visit Australia for tourism or for business reasons, an ETA tourist visa grants you a period of three months in which you can stay in the country. The acronym ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authority, and it means that your visa will be processed electronically, and that you will not have an actual stamp in your passport.

ETA tourists visas are often issued in a shorter period of time than standard stamped visas, but even if you are entering for business visiting reasons, the passport doesn't allow you to actually work in Australia. You may attend a business conference, or seek out business opportunities, but you cannot gain employment with a company in Australia on this visa.

What Type of Visa is Needed To Marry A Partner Who Lives Abroad? – You need a prospective marriage visa in order to bring a loved one who lives in another country to Australia. A visa processing company can apply for this visa on your behalf if you are an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of either country. If the person you are marrying is of the same sex, you must apply for a partner visa.

Once approved, the prospective marriage visa gives you and your partner nine months to get married. This visa is only granted once and there is no possibility of extension, so if you don't get married within the nine months, you will not be able to apply for a second visa.


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